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Flairtable.js uses a config object to set up (amongst others) authorization. You have the following options to get going:

apiKey: string,
endpointUrl?: string,
apiVersion?: string,
noRetryIfRateLimited?: boolean,
requestTimeout?: number

This could result in the following code:
(don't worry about YOUR_BASE_ID, we'll get to that later)

import { Flairtable } from 'flairtable'
const flairtable = Flairtable({apiKey: YOUR_API_KEY, requestsTimeout: 7000});
const base = flairtable.base(YOUR_BASE_ID);

With Axios

If you don't want to use flairtable.js, I suggest using Axios, and setting it up like so:

const instance = axios.create({
headers: {
authorization: 'Bearer ' + YOUR_API_KEY
return instance;


or regular curl:

curl "https://flairtable.com/api/v1/:baseId/:tableId" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY"