Flairtable Docs

Getting started


Airtable API key

To able to use Flairtable you'll need an Airtable API key. You can find yours in your Airtable account under the <api> tag.

Flairtable API key

After you found your Airtable API key, go to the Flairtable console and enter your airtable API key here:


Calling the API

To use the Flairtable API, you should swap out the base url and the API key from what Airtable provides.

BaseUrl: https://flairtable.com/api/v1

API key:


That's basically all you need to get Flairtable going. Everything works precisely like Airtable. You can immediately do the list and retrieve a record call. Other calls require some extra setup.

If you're already an Airtable API user, you should be all set now. You can also check the Airtable API docs for the list and retrieve a record call. They are the same as Airtable.

In the next steps I'll walk you through the custom Flairtable SDK and provide some examples.